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Monday 21st May 2018

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Sunset over_treeIt is so very hard to say 'Goodbye' to someone you treasure, no matter what age that loved one might be. It could be a sudden death, or one anticipated for a while.

A ceremony of thanksgiving and 'Special' way of celebrating a person's life is so important, and can take place in a Funeral Service of Thanksgiving.


It is usual to contact an Undertaker as soon as possible after a loved one's death, and we have three in Melksham. (D.J. Bewley phone 702521; H. Merrett phone 708736; and the Co-operative Funeral Care phone 708012)

If you are in touch with a Church Minister you can of course contact him/her first to arrange a visit – for details see contacts page of this website.

Our Funeral Directors are all sympathetic and helpful, they will arrange to see you and will advise you as to what has to be done; make plans for a minister to take the Funeral Service, and organise its time and whereabouts with you and the minister. This could be at any of our three churches, or at the crematorium. For some, a service in church is preferred followed by a burial or short service at the crematorium. The internment of ashes can follow later at a time to suit you.

It is the desire of our ministers to make the all-important Funeral Service one that will celebrate the person's life; share God's blessing and peace; and also to help people come to terms with their grief and accept the loss of their loved one.

RainbowWe will make arrangement to visit you for a chat, and to choose hymns, and any special thoughts and memories you might wish to be shared in the Tribute at the Service, so that your loved one's life can be celebrated. Also it is so important to talk things through to help you come to terms with your grief.

At the Funeral it is such a privilege to be both your spokesman, sharing your thoughts in the Service, and at the same time to be God's minister, in a fitting ceremony that places your loved one into God's loving hands as we bid them farewell.

The Undertaker can put you in touch with a stonemason who is aware of Church/Council procedures should you require a headstone at a later date.

You may also find some helpful information under the Bereavement Support section of the Pastoral Care web page.