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Monday 21st May 2018

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Our Contact With Schools in Melksham

Building links with local schools is something that is key for us here in Melksham.  At the moment we have regular contact we three schools in the Town, helping to share Gods love with the Children and Teachers.

Open the_BookRiver Mead School

'Open the Book' has been running successfully for 4 years at River Mead School.  A dedicated team of 5 congregation members re-enact stories from the Bible in a way that is both entertaining and educational.  Often audience participation and funny costumes are key elements in sharing God's Word in an interesting and understandable way.

The Manor School

The Manor_SchoolThe Manor School, is one of the local Church of England Schools, that we are privileged to get to work with. As a school they aim to make each child feel 'amazing, loved, valued and unique because God made them that way', and we do our best to help them achieve that goal!

To aid our mission, Melksham Team Ministry provide The Manor with three Foundation Governors, who not only help govern the School but take an active part in School life!  We are most commonly seen around the School having just led an assembly, but it has been known for Governors to turn up dressed as story characters and read books to the children!

The Manor_LogoWhen it gets to Christmas, Easter or the end of term, St. Michaels Church gets packed full of excited pupils from The Manor, who showcase their brilliant work and talents (e.g. singing, acting, reciting poetry) for all to appreciate. Both Clergy and Governors alike enjoy taking this time to delight with the parents in the wonderful achievements of their children, and to use these precious times to thank God for the gifts and talents he has given us.


Forest & Sandridge School

 Forest _Sandridge_Banner



Forest and Sandridge is a local Church of England school.  We are delighted to have such strong links with this school and we strive to do our best to help them achieve their goal of 'excellence' (although we feel they have already achieved this!)

Melksham Team Ministry provide Forest and Sandridge with three very committed Foundation Governors who all love to get involved with School life.  On top of performing their governing duties, our Governors enjoy helping out where possible at School Fairs and events.  Bi-weekly, there is someone from Church in School giving an assembly about how great God is, and generally having a great time interacting with children and teachers alike.

St. Andrews Church love when it gets to Christmas, Easter and the end of the school year because it means Forest and Sandridge School coming in for their church services!  This is a great time for the congregation to get to know the School and vice-versa.  It's always great to be able to encourage the children in the fantastic work they are producing and to thank God that we as a Church get to be a part of all the fun.